Lunchtimes: Children at Mayfield Primary School have the choice of either a school dinner in school prepared by the kitchen team (Oldham Council caterers) or their own packed lunch brought in from home. All children have lunch in our Dining Room on staggered sittings, whether they are having a school dinner or a packed lunch. This is important to us. Children get to share the space and have the opportunity to mix with classmates. Understandably it is a busy space as we grow in size as a school, although our seating arrangements have been developed to encourage conversation and socialisation. Meal-time etiquette and manners are important and a crucial life skill, and as such are promoted daily by staff. We believe it is important that all children value mealtimes as a really special event with meaning and purpose.

School Dinner Menus: There is a different school dinner menu based on a three-week rota. This will provide you with the opportunity to talk to your child about meals available in advance and see what is coming up. The dates for the weeks are as follows:

Week 1Week 2Week 3

There may be occasions when the menu will need to be changed on the day, however, we always try to keep this to a minimum and provide children with a similar alternative. There are always vegetarian options on the school menu or alternative food items for children to try.

School Dinner costs: From 15th April 2024 schools dinners will cost £14.50 per week (£2.90 per day). This applies to Nursery, Year 3, 4, 5 and Year 6. If you think that you are entitled to free school meals, then please contact Oldham Council for further information.

Due to the Government’s ‘Infant Free School’ Meal Initiative, all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are provided with a free lunch-time meal should they choose. It is for parents / carers to decide whether they would like their child to be part of this initiative and communicate parental choice with the school.

Booking a school dinner: We recognise that sometimes there may be a need to move between school dinners and packed lunches, for various reasons. We ask that families provide us with at least one week’s notice of any change from packed lunch to school dinner, or vice versa, in written form, for example: text, email or written note. This helps the kitchen staff to plan ahead based on pupil numbers.

Special dietary requirements: We recognise that some children will have special dietary requirements for a wide range of reasons, for example personal choice, medical, religious, or cultural reasons, etc. We aim to promote inclusivity through our school meal choices and foster an environment where all children feel valued and supported.

If your child has special dietary requirements, please record information on your child’s personal information form which is issued and updated annually or speak to a member of the office team. You will be asked to formalise this in writing with the school for our records.

The kitchen team will be informed of your child’s dietary requirements, and alternative options provided. Where this is the case, we encourage regular discussion with families about this to make sure we are getting it right and meeting your child’s needs.

School dinner payments: Payments can be made in cash at the office or via bank transfer. Please contact the school for bank details.

Debts: We recognise that there is a significant expense when ordering school dinners for children Yr3 to Yr6. It is very easy for costs to build up. Members of the office staff will contact families following school and Trust policy, where debts have started to build up. We do this to notify families of the extent of the debt and to arrange a payment plan to clear costs.

Trips and visits: There will be times that classes go on trips and visits out of school. Children who usually have a school dinner will be provided with a healthy packed lunch containing a range of food and drink items. Once again, special dietary requirements are catered for.

Special lunches: Sometimes we organise very special lunches linked to our curriculum or national events. This is likely to lead to a change in the menu. Families are made aware of these special lunches in the newsletter or through emails, and the alternative menu is shared. Children who usually have a packed lunch are also invited to take part.

Drinks: Children are provided with water at lunchtime and are reminded of just how important it is to stay hydrated. Children are not permitted to bring in juice items from home, unless there is a specific arrangement that has been agreed by the school for a particular reason.

Packed lunches: Children on packed lunches are encouraged to bring their packed lunch in a packed lunch box or sealed container, containing your child’s name and class. Families are encouraged to provide healthy lunch items as much as possible.

Please note that fizzy drinks and sweets are not permitted.

Questions: Mealtimes are such an important event, and it is important that we work with you to get it right. If families ever have any questions or would like to simply find out more about any of the information highlighted, then please contact the main school office who will be happy to help.

Mayfield Primary School is proud to be part of the Cranmer Education Trust

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