Year Four

Welcome to Year Four! I am Mr Stevens your class teacher. We are delighted to be joined by Miss Cox and Miss Yasmin and we are all looking forward to seeing you and helping you reach your fullest potential this year.

We will be covering lots of exciting things in class this year. Our first topic is the Ancient Greeks, looking at Myths, Legends and trying our hands at making our own telephones!In addition, we will host our own Greek Olympic Games and designing and making our own Greek pots. In our other topics we will be looking at what differences we would see and how we would plan a journey by canal through Britain and Italy, examine how to build our own circuits and make steady hand games. Later in the year, we will be looking at everything to do with The Romans including their empire, what they left behind and why they struggled to control Britain. In our final few terms, we will have a brilliant time looking at the wonders of the Rainforst and how South America, in particular, Rio de Janerio is different to Oldham. We have lots of exciting things planned for the children and we are all looking forward to the year ahead.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss anything further.

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