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Assemblies are a really important part of Mayfield life. They are a wonderful way for us to come together as a school community to understand more about the Mission Statement and its values.

In assemblies we encourage children to reflect on their thoughts and ideas, and the thoughts of ideas of others. Children are challenged to explore, reflect on and question a wide range of issues affecting their school, their community and the wider world.

Children learn about British Values and how they shape what we do in school and how we can build on them to shape who we become in the future.

We tackle complex issues and ask challenging questions, to better understand the world in which we live.

Examples include:

  • What does a Muslim lady say about Islam after the Manchester attack? (‘Manchester’ assembly)
  • How did Annie Kenney promote equality for women? (‘Remember the past’ assembly)
  • Is it right that eight billionaires have the same money as the poorest half of the world? (‘Love of all’ assembly)
  • How do you show people you care about them and don’t take them for granted? (‘Appreciation’ assembly).
  • How can we show our respect for all religions? (‘Religions’ assembly).
  • What do you think is meant by ‘All different; all equal.’ (‘Anti-Bullying Week’ assembly)

Mayfield is not a Church of England school; however, we celebrate that we are part of a Christian Trust. Children are made aware of faith, encouraged to reflect on their faith, support children of other faiths in theirs, and seek to ensure that all children understand the significance of faith. We make this fully inclusive through our annual faith days for our Trust, and our chaplain works with all of our schools to introduce children to Biblical teaching through active, engaging assemblies and worship.

For information about our Assembly themes for this school year please click here.

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