Mayfield Primary School

Proud to be part of the Cranmer Education Trust

Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow.

Our vision, ethos and aims

Our Vision:

  • We acknowledge that there is more to life than passing exams, but children must set out to achieve this.
  • Achieving national expectations is the first stage in enabling children to progress with confidence. Therefore, we believe that all our children should aim to achieve at least Age-related expectations.
  • All our children must enjoy a rich, stimulating education.
  • All our staff model behaviours for our young people of high expectations, kindness, personal responsibility and generosity of spirit. This helps our children to understand what it means to become a good person.

Our Ethos:

  • We believe in the unique worth and value of every individual. As a school within a Christian Trust, we express this in our belief that every child is equal, worthy of respect, entitled to nurture, opportunities, and a future where they can and will make positive contributions as they go along.
  • We serve children and young people of all faiths and denominations, and none. We will nurture Christian children in their faith, support children of other faiths in theirs, and seek to ensure that all children understand the significance of faith.  We will make this fully inclusive through our annual faith days for our Trust, and our chaplain will work with all our schools to introduce children to Biblical teaching through active, engaging assemblies and worship.
  • We value all our staff. We want them to develop as professionals and bring their insight and creativity to the service of our children, to develop the curriculum, pedagogy and provision of the Trust.  We will invest in the means to make this possible.

Our School Aims:

  1. All children are happy, want to come to school and show a positive attitude to learning.
  2. All children feel safe and secure in school. They thrive when they are here.
  3. The curriculum is rich, broad and deep, inspiring and engaging for all children, well-matched to the age, abilities and needs of all learners.
  4. Teaching is of the highest quality, motivates children and enables them to make excellent progress.
  5. All children make excellent progress and achieve excellent attainment from their starting points.
  6. All children are nurtured in the values of kindness, mutual respect and clear boundaries, which provide stability, security and resilience.
  7. All our staff are nurtured by the Trust through recruitment, investment in their development and training and clear transparent, consistent and ethical policies.