Mayfield Primary School

Proud to be part of the Cranmer Education Trust

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Every child should aim to attend school every day.  Studies have shown that poor attendance is linked to poor attainment.  At Mayfield we want all our children to enjoy coming to school and be the best that they can be.


All our doors open at 8.45am.  In Nursery and reception the registers are taken at 9am.  In years 1 to 6 they are taken at 8.55am.  This allows us to start our learning promptly.Children arriving after this time will need to sign in at the school office and will be given a late mark.  Children arriving after 9.30am will receive an unauthorised mark for the morning session.



We ask that any absences are reported to school, by telephone, in person or text by 9am on the first day of absence.  If we do not know where a child is we will endeavour to contact you by telephone, text or in person.   Any absences where we do not have a reason will be marked as unauthorised. 



Where possible, medical appointments should be made outside school hours.  However, we understand at times this can sometimes be difficult.  Where a child needs to be taken out of school proof of an appointment will be required.



Holidays in term time are not permitted and will not be authorised.  A fine of £60 per parent, per child may be made through Oldham Authority. 


Attendance and punctuality September 2016 to June 2017

Attendance and punctuality figures 2017/18